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Cēsu 23

Cēsu 23, Rīga Street,

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In explotation from: 2010. year
Cena no 1 450 EUR/m2
Object is updated: 01.04.2014
Cēsu 23
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House Cēsis 23

Apartment house in Cēsis 23 Street located 15 minutes walk from the old town. The House was designed in 1908 by architect Konstantin pēkšēns, and it is considered one of the most prominent Art Nouveau architecture in Riga and the historical value of the buildings in need of renovation was the reason that in 2010, the property was acquired by the company «Cartesian Property». The company made both a building facade restoration and modernisation of the entire House. It was replaced in the Division, set up in the elevator, the apartment, completely changed the reprogramming of internal wiring and all the apartments have modern plastic Windows and plumbing.

After the restoration of the building in Washington Street was converted to 23 comfortable and modern apartment blocks Uptown. To many in the House of the Riga Centre background, with the upper floors to go on foot, this building stands out with the lifts installed. Apartment recycling design provides amazing results – in miniature and awkward spaces well is ambitious and functional.

CESU str. 23 May iegādat to two bedroom, three bedroom and four bedroom apartments. Exclusive offer-two-story apartments in the sixth and attic floors, from Washington Street to the parties and the fifth and the attic floors from the street side of the moon. The House's first floor, the basement housed the commercial premises-pantries that rent or sell to tenants.

Location: Riga, Cēsis 23 Street

Year of construction: 1908 year

Architect: Konstantin Pēkšēns

Status: reconstruction engineering

Commissioning: 15.09.2012

Total House area, m2: 3764

Commercial premises area, m2: 607,9

Residential home area, m2: 3172,6

Number of floors: 6

Basement area, m2: 520.3

There the CESU Street is very easy-to the old town you can easily and quickly get the walking by foot and by car or public transport. Freedom Street, which runs parallel to Washington Street, is a central city street. Home «CESU» 23 has many advantages – for example, just a few steps away from the House in the Baron's quarters. The largest Washington Street 23 advantage is the choice of school. They are representative of the «top» 5-French Lyceum and the Riga Centre humanitarian secondary school, as well as the well-known «small» school.

Home history

Home history

Residential house in CESU street 23 is made in 1908 by famous Latvian architect Konstantin Pēkšēns project. This būvmāksliniek is considered one of the best in its time for its professional masters. After she created projects built more than 250 buildings in Riga. Building Washington Street 23 was built as a typical Riga Center project at the beginning of the 20th century. One of the first buildings of the landlords was Charles Bush. He rented an apartment in Riga until the 20th century, 40 years ago. House tenants were wealthy citizens, State and local officials, as well as a significant cultural family.

After the Soviets joined the building was nationalized, privately it again came after Latvian independence.

2010 House in CESU street 23 bought the company JSC «Cartesian» and began restoring the Property. Was the facade restoration and reinforcement, as well as the internal structure of the House. Restoration, applying new technologies and modern facilities allowed to keep the original House architecture and to provide maximum comfort to the new home.

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