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Gaujas Nams

Inčukalna novads, Inčukalns Street,

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In explotation from: 2007. year
Cena no 775 EUR/m2
Object is updated: 01.04.2014
Gaujas Nams
– REALAT dzīvokļi
(+371) 29544352


People say that each place has its own aura, and it can feel it from the first touch. As it should be, so it could appeal to you? Try for a moment to close your eyes and imagine the silence-harmony, which relaxes and the page behind the window for playing čaloņ, encouraged to enjoy Sunday morning coffee. In constant sunlight playing on the pale walls, it calls open a wide window, with a full chest to inhale fresh air and also to the stately pines rustling. Wouldn't it be lovely if you would be the person who opens the window and a cup of steaming allows nature and peace be?

And now, open your eyes and imagine that all this may be a reality, which is not impossible, but a near-close enough to the City to easily go over the daily work, but far enough away from the noise, to give your family a respite from the city's concrete jungle. That's why Gaujasnam has taken all the best from nature and is the best choice for modern people with high comfort requirements, which has been updated with everything you need for a happy life in a clean environment, hand-in-hand with nature.

Prices from 545L per square metre.

The lift
Underground parking
Ground parking
Full finish
Partial finish
Without finishing
Built-in kitchen
No furniture
Built-in wardrobes
Wardrobe room
Gas heating
Adjustable heating
Security guards
Two levels

Apartments in project

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