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Augšzemes 5, Rīga Street,

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In explotation from: 2008. year
Cena no 1 160 EUR/m2
Object is updated: 12.06.2013
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Residential complex "Tobago", located between the Šampēter and the Area. Residential building in Augšzem Street 5, Riga is founded the society of owners of apartments "Augšzem House" 5 ", which is a co-operation agreement.

Management services include: stairway and adjacent areas in the cleaning work, the technical supervision of the inženiertīkl, the komunālpakalpojum, the Reserve Fund and 24-hour emergency service. Each month, the savings fund is transferred to the bank account of the society, the society of this money is used at the discretion of the home improvement of joint ownership. The House contains 55 apartments.

The lift
Underground parking
Ground parking
Full finish
Partial finish
Without finishing
Built-in kitchen
No furniture
Built-in wardrobes
Wardrobe room
Gas heating
Adjustable heating
Security guards
Two levels

Apartments in project

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Sale | Sun Republic

Rīgas raj. Saulkrasti, Ainažu iela 23,25, Latvija,
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The Sun Republic project is located in the sunniest of the Republic on the Baltic Sea coast, saulkrasti town, the Ķīšup estuary, 150 m away from the sea.

Residential home designed to be in full harmony with the surrounding environment, the architecture created by the architect's Office ' Jay, Zāber and ash ".

The territory of the Republic of the Sun shows a heart shape, which has 16 951 m2.

It contains 7 buildings, together with the draft 124 apartments terraces DR.

The housing area of 19.3 m2 up to 148.0 m2.

Price: starting from EUR 73 555.

You can also buy flats with full decoration.

Public convenience built in underground parking, all the State-of-the-art communications, children's town, a restaurant, a sports centre, across the River, the bridge will be built, which not only will connect the Republic with the glorious sun Beach, but also give a romantic shade of the surrounding landscape.

The variable terrain of the territory, which places reached 9 metres in height, allows you to enjoy the unique natural landscape from the apartment Windows throughout the building.

Patron of the leisure activity of citizens, it may be either passive gulšņāšan the sun-warmed sand or lounge beside blooming Jasmine in the shadows and an active-swimming, surfing, fishing, gathering mushrooms and berries in the woods of nearby reading.

While in winter-skiing and walking under a snow covered pine hats or fun rides on the roller coaster.