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Rūpnieku 8, Piņķi, Babītes novads, LV-2107, Latvija Street,

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In explotation from: 2015. year
Cena no 2 436 - 2 620 EUR/m2
Object is updated: 16.03.2017
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Development of Saliena’s general plan and construction project began with endless green fields.These necessitated the creation of an optimal city plan, which is one of Saliena’s unique advantages compared with other developments.

Saliena’s general plan was designed to provide for all amenities: it includes jointly used territories, recreation zones, sportsfields andspaces where residents can relax during their free time. Residential and business zones have been planned correctly. It also provides easy access to teaching institutions and entertainment complexes.

Particular attention was paid to road traffic safety, ensuring wide access roads, and paths for pedestrians and cyclists.

Low-rise apartment blocks in Saliena offer a unique opportunity to live in a comfortable and spacious apartment, whilst surrounded by picturesque natural landscapes.

We have planned and designed everything right down to the tiniest details: from the original exterior facades through to the surrounding environment, with wide driveways, manicured lawns, parks and playgrounds. Large panoramic windows, spacious terraces and balconies visually expand the space, creating a sense of intimacy with the green surroundings. The spacious interiors of our contemporary apartments are literally drenched in sunlight, creating a warm and cosy mood.

We offer our clients two, three and four room apartments ranging from 40 to 150 square metres, with functionally considered planning and first-class design. All apartments have an individual heating, conditioning and ventilation system characterised by high energy saving performance.

For our most discerning clients, Saliena also offers the services of our professional interior designers. They work closely with each client individually, to create their ideal dream interior.

The Ideal Home:

Those who want a more private lifestyle and dream of their own home with a garden and leisure area will find luxurious houses in Saliena with varying floor, bedroom and bathroom configurations. We have carefully considered the plan for every house on offer, so you can enjoy the maximum possible benefit from all rooms.

Using each square metre rationally, we have succeeded in ensuring that there are no wasted areas, which makes these houses particularly valuable. The houses and gardens are also positioned for maximum comfort and privacy, whilst offering tranquil green views and receiving maximum daylight.

Clients can further enhance their homes by choosing additional options to suit their needs. i. e. ‘Energy Efficiency’ package, ‘Comfort’ package and ‘My Garden’ package.

The Golden Mean:

Town houses are becoming increasingly popular in Saliena, which follows the trend in other growing European towns. Saliena offers modern houses with a rational and streamlined layout, and a well-planned surrounding environment.

All Saliena town houses have large panoramic windows, a cosy terrace opening on to the garden, and spacious balconies. The area around the house is big enough for you to plant your favourite flowers and shrubs, arrange a children's playground and hold picnics with friends outdoors.

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