Photo and Video


Qulitative pictures, architecture and/or desing pictures convince the customers more than any advertisement text. Nowadays, 80-90% of the clients will firstly look for the services on internet, as well as looking for the house to buy or rent, or for a hotel to stay. Professional photos of the interior or architecture is able to create the proper atmosphere to support the message of designer or architect, as well as to provide the effect of presence.

Nice pictures, of course will not sell your property, in case if you overevaluate it and set uncompetitive price for it. Nevertheless, the statistics data shows that in case of qualitative pictures of the interior, the sales success result is 30% higher.

We offer:

Architectire and interior photo;

Photos of the construction process;

Panoramic pictures;

Aerial photography.



Video advertising is considered to be the most reliable tool of presenting the real estate.

Advertising banners are the most effective and safe way of promotion.

Professional filming is a proper solution for the succesfull advertising.



  1. High level of work and modern approach;
  2. Efficiency and high level of professionalism;
  3. Solutions on complicated issues;
  4. Flexibility on pricing.

Entrust advertsing filming of the property to professionals and the successful result will be guarateed. U