Services for the Commercial Premises

REALAT consultants have many years of experience in the segment of commercial premises and we have undestood that our most important goal is to help entrepreneurs to find the appropriate business environment, in which they would be able to grow and develop.   

To make it possible to pay our attention on the details, going deeply in the wishes of every customer, because we consider that everything in life, including business consists of the details.

Our ideals are our partners and customers – people, who are able to set complicated goals not being afraid of the difficult way of achieving them.


We know that for the proper company’s development, it is necessary to chose the right place, exaclty like the seed needs the fertile feed, in which a tree will grow up and give a lot of fruits in future.

REALAT team of experts consists of people, who base their work on the knowledge and use the creative approach, which is the key to success.


To make it possible, we provide the services, that are qualitative and save your time, we arrange the appropriate market research by using the specific knowledge, wide choice of available facilities, and we offer the premises, which are not advertised on public.

Our company also offers the premises maintenance and management with the favourable solutions and keeping the highest quality.


REALAT activities cover the full spector of commercial premises segment.

We operate all kinds of office premises in the segment of commercial properties, including: all types of trade premises, buildings, warehouses, industrial areas, rentals of the commercial land for building and trading projects, also the show rooms, entertainment halls and premises for salon purposes and public catering.

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