Intermediary Services in Living Space Deals

Nowadays the most important factor of the succesfull business, cooperation or communication is trust.

That is in the human’s nature: trust – the most essential part of any deal. If we meet any kind of unknown aspect or the thing which we do not understand fully, we automatically take a risk making the first step to the unsafety direction.

Of course we fully realize that for trust it is not enough just with the correct words to be said or wide smiling applied.

The actions speak more loudly than words. During the long years period we have obtained a numerous amount of satisfied customers and their trust, trust in us as in the stable and professional partner in the sphere of real estate sales and purchase.

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If the time and safety of the deal is important for you, we will be proud to meet your expectations for 100 %.


REALAT guarantee:

Confidentiality, accuracy and competence in the deals;

Wide customers data base with more than 1000 potential buyers/tenants/investors – 75% residents and 25% non-residents;

Timely information on the deal state and its structure;

Recommendations of the professional consultants and advices in non clear matters;


We will appreaciate if your first choice in the real estate sales/lease will be REALAT.

Trust your property to us and we guarantee the succesfull result.

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