We are the enterprise with many years of experience and stable name on the Latvian real estate market. Our company has managed to succesfully unite the best known professionals of the sphere and created the effective service platform.

Not by chance our motto is “MORE THAN JUST REA ESTATE”, as our office is a place of birth of the vision about real estate deals, its direction strategy and the place of final signing. Our data base is a kind of home for the property in that period while its being on sales: we take pictures of it, we take care about the proper description of the place, creating the added value and strategy of selling. Definately we manage to find the best appropriate potential owner by the means and forces of our team of experts. Our team consists of energetic, efficient, attractive and knowing-how professionals, which form the feeling of safety and reliability in the field.

We’ll help you to sell your property, not just because its our job, but due to the reason that its our kind of life (passion).

The priority for our agents is to clearly understand the wish of the customer so that to find the best appropriate kind of transaction strategy.


We are completely aware of the fact that the real estate sales and deals are quite responsible step and that is why we are capable to provide the service on the highest quality level.

You will be able to sell and to arrange any other deal wth your property with the support of our professional team, saving your time and money.


The sucessful deals are usually based on and supported by the professionalism and loyalty.