7 steps of the property sales process


Either the property is big or small, having decided to sell it, that kind of decision is always highly responsible and emotional. Do not trust just your own individual point of view about how to proceed in this important matter. Check what are the property prices on the market, what are the tendencies, what your close people think about it and ask about the experience of your friends. This will help you to understand the market situation and to take the mostly correct decision. We – REALAT – can be your friend and support in taking this essential decision. Our professionals will be happy to provide the necessary consultations to you, regarding all your questions, connected with the property, so that you feel safety in every next step you take that way. The choice of the right partner is the integral parts of any succesfull cooperation.



The property is connected with the long line of numerous documentation flow, which nevertheless are important and necessary for making the deal properly in a smooth way without any delays and misleadings. This is the reason why it is necessary to be sure that all necessary documents and paperwork is on hands. In case if not, you’ll have to collect all the papers again and again. The most essential documentation, which is necessary to begin the property sale transaction:

You will have to get the certification of the property in the Land Registry, as well as to get the information if there are any pledges or other kind of burdening on your property.

Notarized Allowance from the Creditor (in case if the property is a pledge).

Notarized Accord from the Spouse for the selling of property (in case you are married).

The Land Registry should provide on request the Inventory File the plan of the land boarders.

On the web-site www.latvija.lv or in the local municipality it is possible to get the information about status of paid taxes. The property can be sold only after all taxes and duties are paid and if there are no debts on taxes!

In case, the buyer is a non-resident, he/she might be interested in the property’s cadastral value. That can be easily found on www.kadastrs.lv

If you still do not find the replies to all your questions, please do not hesitate to call the experts of REALAT and they will be glad to explain about not only the list of necessary documentation needed for the deal, but also advise on where it is possibe to get those even if they are lost due to some reasons.



If you feel unsure which price to define for your property, please turn to the help of REALAT experts. We’ll arrange the sertificated expert valuation officer for your property, who will probably dtermine the most precise actual price. Simultaneusly, please look at the market situation in your area (city), so that you get the idea on the prices per sq meter, evaluate yourself the condition of your property in comparison to the other offers on the market, etc. You should take into consideration the fact that the advertised prices are usually 10-20% higher that the real transcation bids.



It is already well known that the buyer buys by eyes, therefore one of the most essential attention catching keys are the qualitative pictures of your property as well as qualitative presentation. If you are endowed by photograph potential yourself, please pay your attention on the following useful points:

Wake away all personal items, make the premises clean and feel yourself an artist;

Use wide angle lense and place in the picture at least three walls of the room, so that the most part of the premises is visible. Horyzontal pictures are better for the view of premises.

Try to keep straight horizont to the line of the floor and make the photo on the eyes level.

The light is important. Do your best to use day light. Avoid making pictures opposite to window.

Demonstrate totally all added value of your property – parking, playground, a garden, access path, smiling neighbours and the sunrise.

If you fell unsure to do all the above mentioned yourselves, we will be glad to involve our “keen on eyes” specialists with the huge experience of the property exhibiting and the appropriate photo equipment.


  1. OFFER

Even if today marketing is generally based on internet resources, don’t forget also about the magazines and newspapers concerning real estate. On the real estate market the envolvement of social networks (like Facebook, Twitter, etc) is getting more and more power. The wider your audience is, the more chances you have to sell your property. You have to take a valuable amount of patience, because you’ll face the same huge amount of phone calls, messages, comments, tweets and critics. Also you will face quite a lot of potential “lookers”, but never know who can be the real buyer, you have to treat every potential customer as the right one. Creation of the description has the same importance value as the photos, that is why do not miss the essential details (bonus), that will need to be marked out. Put accent on them and emphasize them as a special value for the new potential owner. In case you need creative ideas for the creation of your property’s description, please find us here ready to assist.    



It is necessary to realize, that no one property can be appropriate for everyone, therefore there will always be someone criticizing, someone being silent, but also someone feeling totally delight. Same with the numerous times of “showing” – these are going to be quite bright and multi-coloured. Someone willing to spend his/her weekend for watching a new potential house, another one will catch some part of the lunch time, right in the middle of the working day. Try to adjust your time accordingly, which is going to serve as the proof of your good intention and respect for the potential buyer.

Nevertheless, if you are too busy with your work and private things and you just can’t afford much time for qualitative property presentation – do not hesitate to entrust this job to us!



In a moment your property will become the possession of another owner, so do not forget to announce the necessary service companies, such as community services company, Latvenergo, Latvijas Gāze, Rīgas Siltums, and others involved. It is necessary to inform them on the fact that as from now on all the payments will be proceeded by the new owner. Otherwise you might continue to get the invoices for community services for a long time further.

If you feel in need of the support during all this new experience, do not hesitate to call REALAT professionals! We will proceed your dream property ecquisition process easier and more understandable, making You happier.