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Elvis Endzels

Residential Property consultant

Elvis Endzels
(+371) 67210010
(+371) 29996212

Elvis will be able to find a common language with everyone, always communicative, positive and with a sense of humor.

Professional, with responsibility to duty. He tries to do his job in such a way that the client does not feel like a business, but that he feels that he is trying to make contact, that something like chemistry is happening and he is able to cooperate.


• Interested and enjoys their job. There is the right energy at work, and that's how things come together.

• I do not see this job as a job, but as a way of life that I live every day.

• I am motivated to reach new heights. Interested in everything related to real estate.

At the same time I am interested in psychology, communication with people, I like to evaluate how I act and think.

I like to meet people, I am always exactly the way I am with people.

And I also like that in this job, that you can meet new people, make new contacts.

There are new challenges all the time

Elvis motto: “It doesn't take much to feel happy. And a real smile makes you smile. ”

I am fluent in English and Italian, conversational Russian, native Latvian.

The company has been working since 2020.


Mei-li Llorente

Elvis helped me when, honestly, almost no... Mei-li Llorente

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Elvis helped me when, honestly, almost no one was willing to help.
I had a tight budget, 2 dogs, very little time, and lots of expectations.
Not only Elvis helped me to find an AMAZING apartment as I wanted it, but he also got me a fair price and helped me find my lost phone (lol).
As a foreigner, I got lost easily, I parked the scooter in an unknown location and realized I left my new phone there where anyone could take it, he ran with me to find the scooter and retrieved the phone (while the landlord was waiting for me) and helped me explain the situation.
Long story short, if it wasn’t for Elvis I wouldn’t have found my phone and the apartment. I strongly recommend him as an agent and as a person (as the relationship you build with someone is important, he’s been super understanding, reliable, and helpful!)

Rodriguez J Alex

Living in Germany I had to look... Rodriguez J Alex

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Living in Germany I had to look for an apartment in Riga. At first I thought it would be a difficult and dangerous task, but thanks to a professional like Elvis, who helped me find an apartment with the specifications that I wanted. An incredible help, I am very grateful for the service provided.

Ilze Usacka

I am excited about Elvis' work. We... Ilze Usacka

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I am excited about Elvis’ work. We were looking to rent an apartment. And at the same time we sold the house, so it was not clear to us on what date we would be able to move into the apartment. Elvis organized cooperation so that we would have both sides feeling at peace.

Inta Brance

Elvis has a professional, great, fast approach... Inta Brance

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Elvis has a professional, great, fast approach to any question. Individual, excellent cooperation-oriented situation solving. Elvis is always callable, positive and with a good sense of humor. Definitely recommend!

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