Services for sellers

Intermediate services for the deals with the real estate

Property trade

Why there are some properties, that are hanging on sales for the long time, during many years, lacking any interest from the potential customers? And, completely opposite – some properties, which are sold very fast? There are many factos that influence the market – the price adjustment to the demand, the quality of property and others. Our aim is to apply to right selling strategy for your property, so that it finds its new owner very quickly.


Search of the customer

The process of customer searching usually takes quite a long time, you could spend this time to other things which you like, for example: read a book, do sports or devote your time to your family, etc. Entrust your time to us an we guarantee the positive result!


Our experts, based on their experience, will find the most appropriate customers for you, according to your demands.

Our priority is saving your time!

Fast and effective programm of customers search;

Legal support, formation of the agreements;

Support of the expert, also after the deal has been signed;

Construction and design services;

Transportation services;


For more information, please contacts our experts.