Mei-li Llorente

Agent from REALAT helped me when, honestly, almost no one was willing to help.
I had a tight budget, 2 dogs, very little time, and lots of expectations.
Not only Agent from REALAT helped me to find an AMAZING apartment as I wanted it, but he also got me a fair price and helped me find my lost phone (lol).
As a foreigner, I got lost easily, I parked the scooter in an unknown location and realized I left my new phone there where anyone could take it, he ran with me to find the scooter and retrieved the phone (while the landlord was waiting for me) and helped me explain the situation.
Long story short, if it wasn’t for Agent from REALAT I wouldn’t have found my phone and the apartment. I strongly recommend him as an agent and as a person (as the relationship you build with someone is important, he’s been super understanding, reliable, and helpful!)